Collection: OXVA coils and pods

Unleash Unrivalled Vaping Pleasure with Our Oxva Coils and Pods


Breathe new life into your Oxva device with our top-grade replacement Oxva coils and pods. Each of our Oxva origin coils, mesh coils and Oxva pods are carefully crafted to ensure great longevity and top-notch performance.

Whether you're chasing a strong throat hit, cloud production, or craving enhanced flavours from your e-liquids and nic salts, we've got you covered. Our selection offers a wide variety of replacement pods and coils for your Oxva device, including 0.6ω and 0.8ω coil options. These versatile coils are designed to support both MTL and DTL vaping styles.

Our Oxva coils and pods are perfect for delivering that strong throat hit many vapers desire. They are exceptionally durable, offering consistent performance over weeks of use without any risk of leaking. The coils come in a 0.6ω and 0.8ω option, providing the perfect balance between flavour and vapour production. Not only do they provide a good product, but they're also suitable for use with a broad range of e-liquids and nic salts.

The Oxva replacement pods, designed for the Oxva Origin, ensure a fast and hassle-free refill experience with their simple yet efficient fill mechanism. Easy to install and use, these pods are ideal for both new and experienced vapers. The pods also feature built-in filters, limiting the chance of juice spit back while you vape. The mesh coils incorporated in these pods help deliver a great vaping experience with a strong throat hit and exceptional flavour.

Our products are all sold individually, meaning you'll need to add 5 coils or pods to your basket to get a full pack.


  1. How long do Oxva Xlim V2 pods last? Typically, Oxva Xlim V2 pods can last for several weeks, depending on usage and maintenance. However, it's recommended to replace the pod if you notice a burnt taste or reduced vapour production.

  2. What pods fit the Oxva Xlim? Our Oxva replacement pods are suitable for Oxva Xlim devices, ensuring a perfect fit and great performance.

  3. What is the lifespan of the Oxva Xlim cartridge? Oxva Xlim cartridges, when properly maintained, can last between 1 and 2 weeks. Regular cleaning and using the right e-liquid can prolong their lifespan.

  4. How many puffs are in an OXVA pod? The number of puffs in an Oxva pod can vary depending on your vaping style and the specific pod's capacity. On average, you can expect to get several hundred puffs from a fully filled pod.