Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt E-liquid

Bar Juice 5000 is a premier product among our many available bar salts. However, it stands out as a quality e-liquid for numerous reasons. Selby Vapes offers only premium vape juice and nic salts to provide you with the most sumptuous pleasure that we know vaping can offer.

There are many different products and vaping kits you can choose from, but Bar Juice e-liquid offers something you won’t soon forget. Compared to disposable products, you will save money, get a superior experience and taste, and even contribute to helping save the environment.

The Bar Juice 5000 Range

When it comes to premium bar salts e-liquid, you need to look no further than Bar Juice 5000. Gone are the days when disposable vapes offered the best experience and flavours, and so is the price that comes with them. Alongside some of our other products, such as Elf Bar, Bar Juice has redefined the reusable vape standards. Using these products, you can indulge in some of the most exquisite tastes and smoothest hits available anywhere in the UK and EU.

Why Bar Juice 5000 is so popular

Balanced, fresh and fruity, the delights of Bar Juice don’t end. And with so many flavours to choose from, you won’t find yourself becoming bored anytime soon as the constant flood of new and delightful tastes keeps you coming back for more. Don’t believe us? Consider these:

Flavours include strawberry cherry Raspberry, lemon and lime, Gummy Bear and triple mango.

Even with a high nicotine level, the throat hit is one of the smoothest available.

New flavours are being released all the time, so you never get bored.

Packaging is child and tamper-proof, so you know you are getting quality.

Through our online store, you can purchase the latest flavours of Bar Juice5000. Some of the most popular flavours include classics such as mango, which is a best-seller across disposable vape platforms in the UK. Of course, classic mint and standard tobacco taste are also available.

They are just as good as best-selling disposables

Bar Juice is becoming a well-known game-changer in the world of vaping. Before this premium vape juice, only disposables offered the intensity of flavour and smoothness of inhalation you always wanted. Even though almost 8 million single-use vapes are being purchased in the UK each week[1], that is all about to change. The remarkable flavours and unmatched smoothness will transform your overall experience, all while helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Questions about the experience

With Bar Juice e-liquids being the new kid on the block and such a game change, it’s only right you have questions.

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Is Bar Juice 5000 a premium brand?

Yes, absolutely. Bar Juice 5000 is a premium vape juice, even though it saves you money!

What flavours are available from Bar Juice?

All the classics are available, but how about pink lemonade, berry crush or energy ice?

How is Bar Juice better for me as a vaper?

Bar Juice has a lower cost with all your favourite disposable vape flavours, made with quality ingredients.

We also offer free UK postage for orders over £30 with same-day local delivery service.

A Next-Level Vaping Experience

Nic salt e-liquids are about to change the game in the world of vaping. Even from an economic point of view, products like Bar Juice will transform your experience. Just one bottle of Bar Juice is the equivalent of five disposables! Additionally, there is no mess with refillable e-liquid products, ensuring you can get the hit you crave when you want it. From saving cash to quitting smoking, your entire world of vaping is about to be turned upside down by using Bar Juice 5000.

Why use Bar Juice 5000 nic salt e-liquids?

There are other nic salts we offer on our site. But Bar Juice has rapidly become a best-selling premium vape juice for many reasons, the flavours being among them, of course. An exquisite flavour transformation is possible with Bar Juice, but other reasons for switching include:

  • Nic salts allow you to enjoy a higher level of nicotine with a smooth experience.
  • This is the perfect medium for transitioning from cigarettes to vaping.
  • E-liquids last much longer than freebase products, saving you money in the long run.
  • The overall satisfaction of your experience is vastly superior to anything else.

Ever wondered how to balance taste, satisfaction and smoothness? Well, look no further than nic salt e-liquids from us, such as the best-selling Bar Juice. The manufacturing method means a smoother and tastier hit of nicotine for superior satisfaction and a longer-lasting product.

Saving money and becoming healthier

As you probably know, vaping e-liquid lasts much longer than disposable. And with the current economy, it helps to save where you can. Value for money is like a unicorn these days, but not with a premium e-liquid such as Bar Juice. And if you are looking to save money by switching from cigarettes, forget about it! The average smoker in the UK, smoking 10 per day, spends over £2,000 per year[2], while you get around 3,000 puffs from just one 10ml bottle of e-liquid.

Questions about nic salt e-liquids

Some claims sound too good to be true, yet we promise they aren’t.

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How are nic salts better than other vaping products?

Nic salts have a longer shelf life and a lower pH level for a smoother experience.

Will I get the same nicotine hit from nic salt as smoking?

Yes. Nic salts are an excellent replacement for the same experience of smoking.

Are nic salts better for quitting smoking?

Nic salts contain only nicotine for your cravings and none of the other toxins from cigarettes.

Genuine Testimonial - Fantastic range of products and…

“Fantastic range of products and excellent customer service. Always on hand to help, and communication is fab! Definitely recommend.”

Source: Trustpilot

Bar Juice 5000 is part of our very popular 3 for £10 Nic Salt deal for all of our customers.

Environmental Concerns when Vaping

Disposable vapes are causing so much environmental damage that the British government is considering banning them. The main reasons are that they use plastic and toxic materials and aren’t recyclable. This means a bigger strain on our nation’s landfill and cleaning services. However, you can help reduce the impact of vaping products using Bar Juice and other nic salts we offer which are more environmentally friendly than some disposable products available.

The sustainability of Bar Juice 5000

Bar salts such as Bar Juice, Elf Bar and other popular nic salts we offer are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the harmful disposables you might be used to. Making the switch comes with many benefits beyond a more pleasurable experience:

  • Cut down on the waste from single-use battery-powered vape kits.
  • Save money with the longer-term use of reusable pod kits.
  • No need to worry about the toxic heavy metals found in disposable products.
  • Single-use vape kits contain very dangerous lithium-ion batteries.

Some of the vape kits we recommend, such as Oxva Xlim, are compatible with Bar Juice and our other ranges of nic salts. Designed for long-term use, our vape kits offer sustainability that others simply don’t. And as an added bonus, you get to save a ton of money with our reusables.

Recommended vape kits

There are a few different kinds of vape kits our customers switch from, use or want. Disposable vape kits have been the most popular. However, according to Media Focus, almost 5 million are discarded every week. And that’s just in the UK! Our premium vape juice products can be used with top vape kit brands such as Oxva, Geekvape and Voopoo. We stock the latest and greatest brands, with starter kits for vaping beginners and advanced kits for the more discerning vapers.

Questions about compatibility

There are so many kits, brands and vape juices, so of course, you have some questions.

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Can I use Bar Juice 5000 with my current vaping product?

It depends. Bar Juice is usable with low-powered pod devices or starter vape kits.

What delivery system is best for Bar Juice 5000?

Refillable pod kits like Oxva are the best way to use Bar Juice as recommended.

Are there any other brands available that are similar to Bar Juice 5000?

Bar Juice is an excellent product for the money. Others include Elfliq and Soda King Bar Salts.

Genuine Testimonial - Great service and speedy delivery

Great service and speedy delivery, definitely recommended.”

Source: Trustpilot

As a premium vape juice without the high costs or even the bother of environmental concerns, Bar Juice 5000 offers everything you need. Bar Juice is a vaping marvel that offers the superior taste and smoothness of disposables, all from a reusable nic salt delivery system. The strength of flavour is unmatched, with new ones added all the time. So, why consider switching over?

Nic salts such as Bar Juice are tastier and healthier and offer great value for money, especially if you are switching from cigarettes. But there is also an environmental issue too. Those pesky disposables you are used to have a big impact, whereas reusables will vastly reduce this.

As part of our service, we always offer FREE UK postage and packaging for orders over £30, and we’ll try to get your products out to you on the same day if it is at all possible for us to do so.

So, if you are on the fence about switching to reusable nic salt products like Bar Juice, take advantage of our generous 3 for £10 deal that is guaranteed to save you some cold hard cash