Selby Vapes Loyalty Reward Programme

Selby Vapes Loyalty Reward Programme

At Selby Vapes, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers! That's why we've launched our exciting new Loyalty Reward Programme. Here's how you can earn points and save on your favourite vaping products!

Earn Points with Every Purchase

For every pound you spend, you earn one point. That's right, £1 = 1 point! As you accumulate points, you can convert them into vouchers to redeem on our site.

Earn Extra Points

Apart from your regular purchases, there are several ways you can earn extra points:

  • Create an Account - Sign up with us and get rewarded with 100 points instantly.
  • Share on Social Media - Share a link to our site on Facebook or Twitter and earn 50 points for each platform.
  • Subscribe to Our Mailing List - Stay updated with our latest news and offers and earn points while doing so.
  • Enter Your Birthday - Let us celebrate your special day with you! Enter your birthday and receive 50 points each year on your big day.
  • Refer a Friend - Share your unique code with a friend. They'll get 10% off their first order and you'll get 100 points after their first purchase.
  • Leave a Product Review - Share your thoughts on our products and earn 50 points for each review you leave.

Customer being rewarded for leaving a review

Redeem Your Points

 You can claim your points in coupon denominations of £5, £10, £15, £20.

Please note: We love to reward you with multi-buy offers on our site. However, please be aware that when using our new 'Pay with Points' feature, Shopify doesn't allow discounts to be stacked. But don't worry, we have a workaround! You can simply copy and paste the coupon code into the discount box created by the special offer app on the cart page. This way, you'll still enjoy all the great savings!

Thank you for choosing Selby Vapes. We're delighted to reward your loyalty!