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Nic Shots


Introducing Nic Shots – the perfect solution for vapers who want to replicate the sensation of smoking without compromising on flavour. Our 10ml shots are full of high-strength nicotine and come in a convenient size, making them ideal for adding to shortfill bottles of e-liquid

If you’re trying to cut down your nicotine concentration, then Nic Shots are the perfect tool. With just a few drops you can reduce the strength while still enjoying your favourite flavours. They make it easy to keep track of exactly how much nicotine is in your e-juice and make adjustments accordingly until you find the right balance. 

Our Nic Shots are specially formulated with premium ingredients that guarantee quality, purity, and consistency. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our products have been tested rigorously for their levels of nicotine content. 

We understand that every vaper has individual tastes and preferences when it comes to nicotine content, so we offer complete control over dosages with precise measurements contained in our convenient 10ml bottles. Plus, they're designed to fit easily into shortfill bottles of e-liquid – so there's no need to worry about mixing combinations.



Nic Shot Calculator

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