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Nic Salts

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Product Description Introducing Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Bar Juice 5000, a vibrant nic salt e-liquid that takes vaping to a whole new level. Crafted by Bar Juice, this exquisite blend offers a b...
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Experience the Cherry Fizz with Fizzy Cherry Bar Juice 5000! Welcome to the effervescent world of Fizzy Cherry Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This exciting blend captures the tantalising tartness of cher...
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Experience the Citrus Burst with Lemon and Lime Bar Juice 5000! Enter the zesty world of Lemon and Lime Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This vibrant blend marries the tangy freshness of lemons with the br...
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Product Description Discover the captivating sensation of MR Blue Bar Juice 5000, an e-liquid by Bar Juice that's meticulously crafted to elevate your vaping experience. This 10ml bottle of Bar Jui...
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Delight in the Berry Blend with Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Bar Juice 5000! Dive into the vibrant world of Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This delightful blend fuses the sweet f...
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Experience the Fruit Fusion with Strawberry Kiwi Bar Juice 5000! Explore the delightful harmony of flavours with Strawberry Kiwi Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This vibrant blend marries the sweet juicin...
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Revel in Tropical Luxury with Triple Mango Bar Juice 5000! Dive into the tropical world of Triple Mango Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This luxurious blend captures the exquisite sweetness of three diffe...
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Savour the Fizzy Fun with Cherry Cola Bar Juice 5000! Welcome to the effervescent world of Cherry Cola Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This fizzy blend perfectly captures the classic taste of cherry cola,...
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Embrace the Tangy Twist with Blueberry Sour Raspberry Bar Juice 5000! Dive into the tangy world of Blueberry Sour Raspberry Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This tantalising blend combines the sweet richne...
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Chill Out with Strawberry Ice Bar Juice 5000! Welcome to the refreshing world of Strawberry Ice Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This invigorating blend combines the tangy sweetness of ripe strawberries wi...
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Energise Your Senses with Fresh Mint Bar Juice 5000! Revitalise your vaping experience with Fresh Mint Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salt. This invigorating blend delivers the pure, refreshing taste of fresh ...
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Gummy Bear Bar Juice 5000 Indulge in the Sweet Essence of Gummy Bear Bar Juice Gummy Bear Nic Salt E-Liquid by Bar Juice 5000: A nostalgic trip to the sweet shops of your childhood, this e-liquid c...

Unmatched premium flavours

At Selby Vapes, we’re all about combining passion with innovation. That’s why we’ve hand-crafted this nic salt collection. As vaping connoisseurs, we wanted to deliver a flavourful and unforgettable experience to you, our beloved customer.  

Whether you are a new or an advanced vaper looking to go on a smoke-free journey, you are in the right place. Our nic salts elevate your vaping to new heights.

It’s time to stop dithering and try them today!

Products Tailored For Vaping Enthusiasts

Crafted for discerning vapers

Selby Vapes is passionate about vaping products. It’s in our DNA. That’s why we stock the latest lines from top brands. Here, you will find vaping products that appeal to the connoisseur in you and be able to order every flavour imaginable – and then some!

This experience is possible because of who we are. Selby Vapes isn’t just another soulless brand. We’re vape lovers ourselves. That’s why we want to bring you the best experiences. It’s what we do.

New Products

Get top products from the most innovative brands

Selby Vapes is constantly updating its product line to include the latest nic salts and bars from top brands. We stock products from Bar Juice 5000, Beyond, Elfliq, Fancy Fruits, Felony, IVG, Nasty Salts, Re-Salt, Soda King Bar Salts, Twisted Bunnies, Ultimate Salts, Unreal, and X-Series. If new products come out, you’ll find them here first. 

For example, we were among the first vendors in the UK to stock Ultimate Salt’s Chilled, Ice Lolly, Sherbet, and Soda. We’re constantly in touch with the top brands, asking them when they will release their new lines and when we can get them into your hands.

Elfliq new flavours banner

What Makes Our Nic Salts Different?

A unique experience for vaping enthusiasts

Our team poured its experience into curating nic salts that would deliver. You can sample everything in our collection, from vapes that drive cloud production to those containing the finest organic ingredients. The following sections provide a run-down of what makes us unique. 

Extended Flavour Choice

Flavour choice is why vaping is taking off. Instead of the usual tobacco experience, our nic salts provide countless flavour sensations to excite your palate. Manufacturers’ formulations replicate delicious fruits, cocktails and drinks in all their glory. Plus, you will find some flavours straight out of left field, as the Yanks like to say. 

The sheer range of tastes available in our collection is extraordinary. Get everything from fresh mint to banana ice, watermelon to bubblegum. Create your private stash of nic salts and never get bored. 

Multiple Nicotine Strength Options

Our nic salts are available in various strengths – perfect if you want a strong hit or mild experience. And don’t worry: you’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite flavours, regardless of your preferred strength. 

Our nic salts come in low, medium, and high strengths. Low-strength products contain between 5mg and 10mg of nicotine. Brands design these for light smokers or social vapers who don’t have a long history of tobacco usage. These vapes taste delicious and have a full throat hit, but avoid a strong nicotine buzz. 

Medium-strength nic salts offer between 10mg and 20mg of nicotine. Brands aim these at transitioning smokers or vapers looking for a balanced experience. You’ll notice intense satisfaction when using these products with more of a nicotine buzz. 

High-strength nic salts contain the most nicotine, usually 20mg per unit. Manufacturers make these for heavy smokers and people who want a quick nicotine fix. This option might be best for you if you want to deal with nicotine cravings without automatically reaching for a cigarette. 

These strength options available let you customise your vaping experience to suit you. You can play around with nicotine content to see what works for your body or use various strengths to get off smoking once and for all. Gradually lowering the quantity of nicotine you consume can help you quit. 

New vapers might want to opt to use starter kits. These offer lower nicotine strengths, providing an entry point. With these, you can pick up the habit without having to take a massive nicotine hit upfront. 

Quality Ingredients

Selby Vapes also believes nic salts should contain the highest quality ingredients. That’s why we stock products from brands with proper quality assurance and control. 

For example, many products in our collection use tobacco-derived nicotine. This form of the chemical helps to create a more authentic experience. (Lower quality brands use NTN, which is a type of nicotine made in the lab with a similar but not identical chemical makeup). 

The top nic salts brands in our collection use natural flavour extracts. These contain more of the phytochemicals of the original plant in their unadulterated form. Organic ingredients have a richer, more delicate and nuanced flavour than synthesised substitutes. Some researchers believe they may even have health benefits – but we can’t confirm that.

The use of distilled water in formulations is another quality-enhancing feature of the nic salts in our collection. Distillation removes all impurities in regular tap water, providing a cleaner and purer experience. Minerals and toxins in the water cannot interact with other ingredients and adversely impact flavour. 

Finally, the top brands we stock also focus on extracting the highest-quality nicotine salts. These provide a smoother throat hit and more nicotine than conventional freebase alternatives. Put simply, it’s way more enjoyable. 

Expert Packaging

Protecting nic salts from UV is essential to prevent the breakdown of natural compounds. That’s why Selby Vapes curates products from brands that use the proper protective packaging, preventing degradation from light exposure. Containers use acrylic, high-density polyethene, polyamide-imide and other plastics with high UV resistance. 

Selby Vapes also stocks products with tamper-proof seals. These enhance safety and improve confidence. 

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you pop open your salts. As we like to say, they are for your eyes only!

Smoother Throat Hit

Selby Vapes also stocks nic salts famed for their smooth throat hit compared to conventional freebase nicotine. The enhanced sensation comes from their chemical composition and how they interact with the human body, making these products a life-saver for anyone new to vaping or switching from smoking. 

But why is this the case? It comes down to science. Nic salts are smoother because they have a lower pH than freebase nicotine. Higher acidity results in a softer sensation on the throat, reducing some of the harshness associated with conventional nicotine-based products.

Some manufacturers take this to the next level by adding benzoic acid to their salts. This compound lowers the pH further and helps convert nicotine into a more absorbable form for a more consistent vaping experience. 

Finally, nic salts enhance the throat hit by reducing vapour production. Vapers benefit from a smoother feel and less irritation, which makes it ideal for anyone who struggles with conventional vaping products. 

Suitable For Practically Any Device

The nic salts in our collection are also compatible with numerous devices. We guarantee you will find options that suit your vaping preferences. 

For instance, our nic salts are compatible with pod systems targeted at beginners. Refillable pods let you decant the nic salt of your choice into a compact and portable vape device and start vaping immediately. 

Nic salts are also compatible with vape pens, including those with lower wattage settings. These devices deliver a consistent mouth-to-lung vaping experience. 

You can also use nic salts in all-in-one devices where manufacturers combine the tank and mod into a continuous unit. Products produce plumes of vapour and rich flavours. 

In summary, nic salts are compatible with virtually any device. Talk to us to find out if the products we stock fit yours. 

Efficient Nicotine Delivery

Another benefit of our nic salts collection is the products’ efficient nicotine delivery. Formulations help you absorb the active ingredients faster, providing a more satisfying experience. 

Brands improve nic salt efficiency using various methods. One is the addition of benzoic acid, as mentioned previously. This compound lowers the pH of the nicotine solution, making it more bioavailable and encouraging faster absorption.

Another approach is reducing particle size. Nic salts in our collection with smaller particles are more efficient because higher solubility improves lung distribution and absorption. 

Some brands also increase nicotine concentration to boost products’ efficiency. This tactic is possible because of nic salt’s unique chemical characteristics. Increasing freebase nicotine’s active ingredient concentration feels harsh, but salts avoid this problem because of their higher acidity. Products avoid the discomfort you sometimes get with conventional approaches, enhancing your experience. 

Lastly, many nic salt brands invest in research and development, looking for formulations that enhance delivery and the vaping experience as a whole. New additives and technologies let them calibrate the amount of nicotine absorbed by the body more precisely. And you can bet your bottom dollar that when these products become available, you can find them here. 

Numerous PG/VG Ratios For Cloud Production And Throat Hit

Our products also come in a range of PG/VG ratios, helping you get the cloud production and throat hit you want from your nic salts. Nic salts with high VG (vegetable glycerin) generate impressive cloud production. Products with 70% or more VG are more likely to have a sweet taste and thick consistency, with plumes that remain in the air for longer. 

By contrast, nic salts with low VG produce smaller clouds. This option is best if you are the type of person who puts flavour first. 

As for throat hit, low VG and high PG (propylene glycol) formulations are more noticeable. These might be a good option for you if you enjoy robust sensations. We recommend experimenting with these if you are an ex-smoker and miss how regular cigarettes feel when you draw. 

Balanced PG/VG nic salts are also available in our collection. These combine vegetable glycerin with propylene glycol in equal fifty-fifty parts, offering a balance of cloud production and throat hit. Choose this option if you care about the flavour and sensation of your vapes. 

The PG/VG ratio you choose depends on your personal preferences. Fortunately, we stock numerous options from multiple brands, letting you experiment. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. That’s what we do all the time!

Compliant And Safe

Selby Vapes only supplies compliant and safe products from vetted, trusted brands. Every product you get from us comes from reputable suppliers who put quality at the forefront of everything they do. Safety is non-negotiable. 

We avoid generic or unknown brands we haven’t had the chance to vet. Vapes from low-quality vendors could be hazardous and put your health at risk. Naturally, we want to avoid that at all costs!

Felony E-liquids

How To Use Your Nic Salts For Best Results

Avoid disappointment

As you may guess by now, we only stock the highest-quality nic salts. But even with the best products in the world, your experience depends on using them correctly. 

We don’t want you to feel disappointed when buying from us, so make sure you follow these tips to get the most from your product: 

Adjust To Your Optimal Device Settings

Start by adjusting to your optimal device settings. Ensure you use the recommended wattage and temperature range for the nic salt you are using. 

Generally, you will want to use a low-watt device for 50/50 nic salts, putting out 10 to 20 watts with 0.8 to 1.2 ohms of resistance. Increasing power beyond this could harm the flavour and lead to coil burnout. 

Nic salt manufacturers usually tell you the optimal wattage or temperature range. Adjust your device to ensure it lines up with this. 

Store Your Nic Salts Properly

We recommend storing your nic and bar salts properly once you receive them in the post. Keep them in a cool, dark, and dry place away from sunlight. Heating and ultraviolet light can damage flavour molecules while products are in storage. 

The best place to keep nic salts is high up in your pantry in a solid container. Store them upright to avoid leaking. 

Stay Hydrated

Another pro tip while using our nic salts is to stay hydrated, especially if you are new to vaping. Vaping can lead to moisture loss because of high propylene glycol and nicotine content, so you will need to replace this by drinking more water.

Clean Your Vaping Device Regularly

You should also clean your vaping device regularly, paying attention to the tanks and coils. Residue on these elements can wreck the vaping experience by changing the flavour. 

Manufacturers usually tell you how to clean their devices in the supplied instructions manual. Follow their guidance as closely as possible. 

Adjust Nicotine Concentrations Gradually

Adjusting the nicotine concentrations by small amounts is another pro tip that can improve your vaping journey and experience with our products. New vapers start with lower concentrations and work up for a fuller sensation. On the other hand, ex-tobacco smokers start with higher concentrations and work down. 

If you enjoy the flavours of vapes, start at medium strength for a balanced experience. Going low or high could give you the wrong impression of what vaping is like!

Prime Your Coils

Before you start vaping, you should also prime your coils. Add a few drops of e-liquid onto them, letting them soak for a few minutes. Extra liquid prevents dry hits and may help your components last longer. 

Change PG/VG Ratios

Another pro tip is experimenting with PG/VG ratios to see what works best for you. You may prefer the throat hit of higher PG ratios over the cloud production of higher VG ratios – it’s hard to predict. 

Take Breaks

Finally, remember to take breaks. While vaping is an enjoyable experience, it doesn’t hurt to give your body time to adjust. Vaping too much with the wrong concentration of nicotine can cause overload.

Nic Salts Health And Safety 

At Selby Vapes, your well-being is paramountly important. That’s why we believe in responsible product use. While vaping is better than traditional smoking, doing it safely always provides the best experience. 

Don’t Use Nic Salts If Pregnant Or Nursing

Avoid using nic salts if you are pregnant or nursing. Nicotine in these products could present health risks for the baby. 

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Nic Salt Developments

Ensure you remain informed about the latest in nicotine research. Take time to understand the risks and benefits of using vape products. 

Research comes out regularly, and manufacturers respond to the information. Newer products are becoming safer all the time. 

Check For Any Allergies

Check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients inside vape products. Even if nicotine is safe for you, your body might react to other compounds in formulations, such as propylene glycol or flavour molecules. 

Keep Nic Salts Out Of Reach

Ensure you keep your nic salts somewhere safe, out of reach of children or pets. Eating them can cause excessive exposure to nicotine, which is harmful. 

Use Responsibly

Ensure you can use your vapes responsibly. Excessive vaping can lead to nicotine over-consumption, causing various symptoms and side effects, including dizziness, nausea, and headaches. 

If you think you are vaping too much, take a break. We will still be here for when you want to start up again. 

Check Your Nicotine Sensitivity Level

Ensure you are not hyper-sensitive to nicotine. Talk to a doctor about any medical conditions and how your body might respond to an influx of nic salts.

Nic Salts And Bar Salts: What’s The Difference?

At Selby Vapes, we sell nic salts and bar salts. But what’s the difference between the two, and which should you choose? 

Nic salts and bar salts vary in their nicotine formulation. As the name suggests, nic salts contain nicotine in salt form. This form is preferable if you want a smooth throat feel. By contrast, bar salts use freebase nicotine, resulting in a wilder throat hit. This option might appeal to you if you prefer the sensation of conventional cigarette smoking. 

Nic salts and bar salts also vary in nicotine concentrations. Bar salts are milder, containing less nicotine, while nic salts can have exceptionally high levels of the compound to combat cravings. Therefore, you might prefer nic salts if you are giving up smoking and bar salts if you are new to vaping. 

As for convenience, bar salts tend to win out. You can use these with most devices and still get fantastic results. On the other hand, nic salts require lower wattage because they are more prone to burning. 

Fortunately, nic and bar salts come in extensive flavour options, meaning you will never get bored. Our selection is enormous, so check it out to see what’s on offer. 

Buy Nic Salt Today

Get big discounts and special offers

Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced connoisseur, you’ll find exemplary vaping products at Selby Vapes. Our curation process makes us unique. We select the finest nic and bar salts from the top brands, giving you confidence every time. 

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Still not convinced? Lucky for you, we have free UK delivery on orders over £30. Shipments arrive on your doorstep in zippy fashion via our local delivery services, ensuring your nic salts arrive in perfect condition. 

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We think we offer the best nic salts in the vaping business, but don’t take our word for it. Just take a look at what our customers are saying. They love it!

So, stop your dilly-dallying. Order your nic salts and ride the vape train today.

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