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Hey there, vaping aficionados! If you're on the hunt for advanced vape that pack some serious power, you're in the right place. Here at Selby Vapes, we've got a full range of products that'll take your vaping experience to the next level. From Geek Vape's sophisticated range to advanced modes that put you in total control, we've got something for every experienced vaper.

The Allure of Advanced and Sub Ohm Vaping

A sub ohm vape kit is like the sports car of the vaping world. When it comes to power, these kits don't mess about. We're talking serious wattage here, enough to generate clouds of vapour that can fill a room. This isn't just for show; that increased vapour production can genuinely transform your vaping experience, giving you richer flavours and a smoother hit.

Now, don't get me started on advanced vape kits. These bad boys come loaded with all the bells and whistles. Want to tweak your temperature control settings for a cooler or warmer vape? You got it. How about playing around with pulse mode for a steadier, more consistent power output? Sorted. The multiple modes in advanced kits let you fine-tune your vaping style, down to the smallest detail.

So, whether you're a cloud chaser or a flavour aficionado, the advanced features and variable settings in these advanced vape kits allow you to tailor every puff. That's the beauty of an advanced vape kit—it's like having a custom-tailored suit, but for your vaping experience. Cheers to that! 🍻

Starter Kit Vs Advanced Kits

Starter kits are like the learner's permit of vaping—they're simple, straightforward, and they do the job. Perfect for getting you started and maybe even helping you make the switch from smoking. But there comes a time when you're ready to step up to something with a bit more grunt, something that offers you more control and options. That's where advanced vape kits and sub ohm vape kits come into play.

Imagine going from driving a basic runaround car to stepping into a souped-up sports car. That's the sort of jump you're looking at. Advanced kits come with variable wattage settings, which is like having a speed dial for your vapour production. Want a gentle puff? Dial it down. Looking for a more robust cloud? Crank that variable wattage back up.

Then there's the whole sub ohm element, designed for vapers who want to dive deep into cloud production and serious power. These kits and devices are built for lower resistance vaping, meaning they work at higher wattages and generate way more vapour.

So, if you've been riding with a starter kit and you're getting that itch to try something new, it's a no-brainer. Upgrading your starter kit to an advanced or sub ohm vape kit can open up a whole new world for you, offering a richer, more customisable vaping experience. Trust me, once you go advanced, you won't look back.

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub ohm vaping is essentially the big league for those who love blowing out massive clouds and enjoying a more intense flavour. Let's break it down a bit: the term 'sub ohm' itself refers to the coil resistance being less than one ohm, right? But that's just scratching the surface.

When you're sub ohming, you're often operating at a higher wattage. The coil heats up quicker, vaporising the e-liquid at a faster rate. The result? More vapour, more flavour, and a warmer vape. It's like taking the training wheels off your bike and realising you can actually do wheelies. The thrill is next-level.

And speaking of power, a sub ohm vape kit is designed to handle the increased power output without breaking a sweat, thanks to their well-engineered tanks and powerful batteries. Safety features are often built in, so you can vape with peace of mind.

If you're the kind of vaper who likes to be enveloped in a flavourful cloud, or if you're looking to impress your mates with your cloud-chasing skills, then sub ohm vaping is where you want to be. It's like going from watching footie at the pub on a small telly to being at the stadium live, surrounded by all the action. Once you get a taste of that intensity, there's no turning back. 🌬️💨

The Role of Power Output

Power output is like the engine of your vape kit—the higher it goes, the faster you'll get to Cloudsville. But it's not just about the clouds, although those are a pretty sweet bonus. Higher power output can also make your flavours pop, giving you a more intense vaping experience.

In starter kits, the power output is generally fixed or very limited in scope. It’s like having a small engine in a car—you'll get from A to B, but don’t expect to win any races. On the flip side, advanced vape kits are all about letting you choose your own adventure. With variable wattage, you can dial in the perfect balance between flavour and vapour production.

What's even cooler is that many advanced kits come with specialised modes to control that power in various ways. Pulse mode, for example, gives you a consistent hit throughout your draw, capable of making each puff as satisfying as the first. Temperature control modes let you set a maximum coil temperature to prevent dry hits, adding an extra layer of customisation and safety.

So, if you're after a bit of oomph and fancy yourself as a cloud chaser or a flavour connoisseur, our advanced vape kits are where it's at. These kits are designed to make the most out of that extra power, giving you the tools to craft your perfect vape. Trust me, once you've had a go with one of these, you'll wonder how you ever settled for less. 🌬️💨

Pod Kit Vs Sub Ohm Kit

It's like comparing a scooter to a motorbike—both have their time and place, but they offer completely different rides.

Pod kits are the pocket rockets of the vape world. They're compact, easy to use, and perfect for on-the-go vaping, especially for those who prefer MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping. MTL vaping with pod kits mimics the experience of smoking a cig, making them ideal for higher nicotine strengths or nic salts. They're a reliable and hassle-free option for sure.

But then enter the sub ohm kits, the behemoths of cloud and flavour. These are your cloud-chasing, flavour-bursting machines. When you're rocking a sub ohm kit, you're getting more vapour, more flavour, and more power. It's a DTL (direct-to-lung) experience that pod kits just can't replicate. Plus, with a sub ohm kit, you often get to play around with advanced features, like temperature control and variable wattage, allowing you to customise each vape to your liking.

So, to sum it up, if you're craving that thick, flavourful cloud or you're just in the mood to tinker with settings, you can't go wrong with a sub ohm vape kit. It's for those moments when you want to feel like a vape wizard, conjuring up your perfect puff. On the other hand, for a quick and straightforward nicotine fix without all the theatrics, a pod kit will serve you well.

Both have their merits, but it's like choosing between a craft beer and a quick lager—depends on what you're in the mood for, doesn't it? 🍻💨

Battery Matters

The battery is like the heart of your vape kit—pumping out the power you need to get that perfect vape experience. If your battery isn't up to scratch, you're not gonna get far, are you?

So, what should you look for? Well, if you're after a sub ohm or advanced vape kit, you'll definitely want to consider the battery's specs. A higher mAh (milliampere-hour) rating means longer battery life, which means more time vaping and less time attached to a charger. Internal batteries are often simpler to manage—just plug and play. But removable batteries give you the flexibility to carry spares and swap them out, which can be a game-changer if you're out and about.

Safety features are a must. Advanced kits often come with built-in protections like overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, and sometimes even temperature control. It's all about vaping smart and vaping safe, right?

In our stock, we've got a fab range of both an internal battery and removable battery options. Whether you're a newbie looking for something straightforward or an experienced vaper seeking a battery with some serious power, we've got you covered. And let's not forget, a reliable battery also means consistent power output, so you're not getting a weaker vape as your battery drains.

So, next time you're pondering over a new kit, don't forget to give that battery a good once-over. It'll make all the difference in nailing that vaping sweet spot you're after. Trust me, it's worth it. 🔋💨

Coils, Coils, Coils

Ah, coils—the unsung heroes of the vaping world! Seriously, picking the right coil is like choosing the right tyres for your car. It can completely change how your vape kit performs.

For sub ohm vaping, low-resistance coils are the name of the game. They heat up faster, allowing for that increased vapour production and richer flavour profile we all crave. And because they're designed to operate at higher wattages, these coils are built to handle serious power. You'll often find that sub ohm coils are made from materials like stainless steel, nickel, or titanium, all of which have excellent heat resistance.

Now, let's talk choices. Pre-made coils are super convenient, especially if you're not into fiddling around with wire and wicking material. Just pop 'em in and you're good to go. But if you're the DIY type and enjoy the ritual of building your own coils, more power to you! Crafting your own coils allows you to fine-tune your vaping experience even further.

And don't forget, whether you're using pre-made or DIY coils, regular maintenance is a must. A burnt or gunked-up coil can ruin your vape faster than you can say "Where's my juice?".

So go ahead, get choosy with your coils. It can make the difference between a 'meh' vaping experience and a 'mind-blowingly awesome' one. You'll thank yourself later. 😎💨

Safety First

safety should never be an afterthought when you're dealing with advanced and sub ohm vape kits. You're often pushing higher wattages and drawing more power, so the last thing you want is for something to go wrong.

Short-circuit protection is a must. It's like the seatbelt of your vape kit—there to keep you safe just in case things go sideways. Most advanced kits will have this feature, so always make sure yours does too.

Don't forget to also check for other safety features like overcharge protection and venting for batteries. These features might seem like small details, but they're key elements in making sure you can vape both enjoyably and safely.

Ready to Upgrade?

Ah, the lure of the upgrade—it's like music to a vaper's ears, isn't it? Once you've had a taste of the basic vaping experience, making the jump to an advanced mod kit, or a sub ohm vape kit is pretty much a rite of passage. Trust me, once you go advanced, you won't look back.

For the experienced vapers out there, you know as well as I do that having just one kit is like having just one pair of shoes. Sometimes you need to switch it up, try something new, or have a spare for different occasions.

So, ready to take the plunge? With free UK postage on orders over £30, your next kit is just a click away. Live around Selby, Goole, Sherburn, or the surrounding areas? Even better! We offer same-day local delivery, so you can get your vape mail faster than you can say "pass the e-liquid."

Have a browse through our selection of advanced and sub ohm kits. With the variety we've got on offer, you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy. So go on, treat yourself to a bit of vape luxury. You know you want to! 😉📦💨