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Collection: Shake It 100ml Milkshake E-liquids

Experience a Whirl of Flavours with Shake It Milkshake 100ml E-liquid Collection

Welcome to our curated collection of Shake It Milkshake 100ml E-liquids, a flavourful assortment of e-liquids that pay tribute to the nostalgic taste of homemade milkshakes. Each product in this range has been meticulously crafted in Liverpool, UK, bringing to life the richness and creaminess of classic milkshakes infused with bold, delightful flavours.

The collection includes:

  1. Shake It Banana Milkshake E-liquid: Taste the tropical delight of ripe bananas blended into a creamy, dreamy milkshake.

  2. Shake It Vanilla Milkshake E-liquid: Enjoy the soothing and mellow charm of vanilla notes intertwined with a luxurious, creamy base.

  3. Shake It Chocolate Milkshake E-liquid: Savour the intense, velvety taste of chocolate poured over a sweetly rich milkshake.

  4. Shake It Strawberry Milkshake E-liquid: Relish the juicy, ripe strawberries muddled into the classic, creamy milkshake base.

Presented in eco-friendly 120ml bottles with space for two nicotine shots, these shortfill e-liquids are perfect for sub-ohm vaping and direct-to-lung vapes. Indulge in the Shake It Milkshake 100ml E-liquid collection and let your taste buds take a trip down memory lane.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Shake It Milkshake 100ml E-liquid Collection
  • Bottle Size: 100ml (in a 120ml shortfill bottle)
  • Made in: Liverpool, UK
  • VG/PG Ratio: 60VG/40PG
  • Nicotine Content: Nicotine Free
  • Ideal for: Sub-Ohm Vaping and Direct-to-Lung Vapes
  • Flavour Profiles: Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry