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Ice Nic Shot 18mg 70VG/30PG

Ice Nic Shot 18mg 70VG/30PG

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Experience the Frost: The Ultimate Ice Nic Shot for Menthol Lovers

Crafted with precision in the UK, the Ice Nic Shot 18mg is not just another nicotine shot; it's a revelation for sub-ohm vapers who adore that chill sensation. With a harmonious 70VG/30PG blend, it's tailored perfectly for sub-ohm vaping, letting you bask in dense clouds without compromising on the nicotine content.

Every drop of this e liquid offers a surge of high quality nicotine, combined with just enough ice to invigorate your senses. It's more than the average menthol nic shot. It's an ice cool nicotine shot, designed for those who desire a rush of refreshing menthol with every puff, ensuring that you get the same high quality nicotine experience every time.

Beyond the meticulously balanced formula, what makes this ice nic shot an essential addition to your e-juice collection? Its emphasis on quality. Each bottle is manufactured in the UK, packed with premium ingredients, ensuring that every vape delivers an unmatched throat hit. Safety and sustainability are paramount, with features like a childproof cap, tamper-evident seal, and a recyclable bottle for eco-conscious disposal.

FAQ Section:

  1. What is an ice nic shot? An ice nic shot is a special type of nicotine shot infused with menthol, giving vapers a cool sensation during their vaping experience.

  2. How does this differ from standard shots? While standard shots provide nicotine strength to your e-liquids, our ice nic shot combines high quality nicotine with menthol, offering both strength and a chilling sensation.

  3. Can I mix the Ice Nic Shot with any e-liquid? Absolutely! This shot is formulated to blend seamlessly with a variety of e-liquids, enhancing both nicotine content and menthol flavour.

  4. How soon will my order be dispatched? Orders typically enjoy the same day dispatch, excluding bank holidays. Always ensuring you get your icy sensation in no time!