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Oxva Unicoil Airflow ring

Oxva Unicoil Airflow ring

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Unlock the Ultimate Vaping Experience with the Oxva Unicoil Airflow Ring

Discover the Oxva Unicoil airflow ring, an impeccable innovation in the vaping world. Designed initially for the Oxva Origin pod kit, this replacement ring is a cut above the rest. As a fully adjustable airflow ring, its versatility stands out. When paired with an Oxva Unicoil Pod, the Unicoil airflow ring also seamlessly integrates with the Oxva Velocity.

The magic lies in its dual slotted airflow, giving vapers the autonomy to define their vaping experience. Whether it's a tight inhale or a more relaxed, loose inhale you desire, this airflow ring has you covered. Curious about the origin replacement AFC features? This product offers an innovative solution, ensuring that your Oxva replacement coils work in sync with your preferred airflow style.

FAQ Section:

Q: What's unique about the Oxva Unicoil airflow ring?
A: Aside from being a stellar replacement ring designed for the Oxva Origin pod system, it offers a fully adjustable experience, enabling users to choose between an open or closed inhale.

Q: Can it be used with other Oxva products?
A: Yes, while originally made for the Oxva Origin pod kit, it's also compatible with the Oxva Velocity when used alongside an Oxva Unicoil Pod.

Q: How does the dual slotted airflow benefit me?
A: This feature lets you toggle between a loose or tight inhale, making your vaping session perfectly tailored to your preference.