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Oxva Unipro Coils

Oxva Unipro Coils

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Oxva Unipro Coils

Upgrade your vaping experience with the Oxva Unipro Coils, meticulously designed for the Oxva Velocity. Now also compatible with the Oxva Velocity LE, these Unipro Coils are transforming the landscape of sub-ohm vaping.

Crafted with advanced users in mind, the Unipro Coils boast a mesh contstruction, providing more surface area to heat your favourite e-liquid, leading to a better flavour profile and denser cloud production. The high-quality organic cotton wicking further enhances this process.

These remarkable coils are available in two resistances:

  • 0.15 (60-80w), offering an intense flavour journey coupled with vast cloud production.

  • 0.3 (30-42w), perfect for those seeking a harmonious balance between flavour and cloud production.

Unlike most, each Unipro Coil is sold singularly at Selby Vapes, giving you the flexibility to purchase exactly the amount you need. Simply add five to your basket and pay for a complete set. Remember, possessing a good understanding of Ohm's Law is crucial when you own coils.

Discover a new dimension in your e-liquid experience with the Oxva Unipro Replacement Coils. Check our stock, add to basket, pay, and elevate your sub-ohm vaping journey today."

FAQ Section

Customer Questions: Oxva Unipro Coils

  1. What is the recommended wattage for the Oxva Unipro Coils? The recommended wattage varies based on the coil resistance. For 0.15 ohm Oxva Unipro Coils, it's 60-80w. For 0.3 ohm coils, it's 30-42w.

  2. Are the Oxva Unipro Coils sold in packs or individually? The Oxva Unipro Coils are sold individually for your convenience. Simply add five to your basket if you desire a full set.

  3. What does the mesh construction of Oxva Unipro Coils mean for my vaping experience? The mesh construction of the Oxva Unipro Coils offers more surface area for heating your e-liquid, resulting in bolder flavours and denser clouds.

  4. Are the Oxva Unipro Coils compatible with all vaping devices? The Oxva Unipro Coils are specifically designed for use with the Oxva Velocity.

  5. Why is understanding Ohms Law important when using the Oxva Unipro Coils? A good understanding of Ohms Law is crucial for safe vaping, especially for advanced users who own coils. It helps in selecting the correct wattage for your coils and avoiding any potential device issues.