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Oxva Xlim C Replacement Coils

Oxva Xlim C Replacement Coils

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Experience the Thrill of Vaping with OXVA XLIM C Replacement Coils

Delve into the exciting world of vaping with the OXVA XLIM C replacement coils. Tailor-made for the OXVA XLIM C Pod Kit, these coils are more than just a spare part. They are an investment towards an elevated vaping experience. They embody the unique features of the XLIM C coil range, offering users the opportunity to customise their experience to suit their taste and preference.

Unleashing the Potential of OXVA XLIM C Replacement Coils

For the ultimate vaping experience, the OXVA XLIM replacement coils offer a variety of resistances to cater to every vaper's unique requirements. The changeable XLIM C coils come in resistances of 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, and 1.2Ω. This variety in the XLIM C coil range gives users the power to modify their vaping journey to suit their preferences.

Vapour production is an essential aspect of the vaping experience, and the XLIM C replacement coils don't disappoint. With their mesh coil structure, these coils ensure the fastest e-liquid heating, leading to discreet clouds of vapour for a more refined experience. The OXVA XLIM C replacement coils indeed guarantee more flavour, providing a vaping session like no other.

Enjoy Both Freebase and Nic-salt E-liquids with the OXVA XLIM C Coil Range

The OXVA XLIM C replacement coils are not only compatible with freebase e-liquids but also work perfectly with nic-salt ones. Whether you're in the mood for high PG e-liquids for softer hits or more potent flavours, the OXVA XLIM C coils will cater to your vaping needs.

For those who love their clouds, the OXVA XLIM C coil range offers the chance to maximise vapour production. You can now enjoy the greatest cloud production with the changeable XLIM C coils. The OXVA XLIM C coils also ensure more flavour, offering a good balance between flavour intensity and vapour volume.

Hassle-Free Experience with the OXVA XLIM C Pod Kit

The OXVA XLIM C replacement coils are designed for effortless installation. With their MTL push-fit mesh design, these coils can be easily installed in your OXVA XLIM C Pod kit. These coils make the process of changing coils a breeze. They also ensure maximum compatibility with the XLIM C pod kit, making them the ultimate choice for all users of the OXVA XLIM C pod.

The Future of Vaping: The OXVA XLIM C Replacement Coils

The OXVA XLIM C Replacement Coils are the future of vaping. Designed to provide unparalleled flavour and vapour production, these coils cater to every vaper's needs. Whether you prefer a strong hit or softer, more discreet clouds, the OXVA XLIM C replacement coils have got you covered.

With the OXVA XLIM Coil, you are always in control. Changeable XLIM C coils give you the flexibility to decide how you vape. From choosing the resistance that suits your taste to selecting the e-liquid that tickles your palate, the power lies in your hands.

We always deliver our coils using Royal Mail, ensuring you receive your OXVA XLIM C replacement coils promptly and securely. So why wait? Transform your vaping experience today with the OXVA XL

Product Specifications

  • Product: OXVA XLIM C COILS

  • Compatibility: OXVA XLIM C Pod Kit

  • Coil Type: Mesh Coils

  • Resistance Options: 0.6Ω, 0.8Ω, 1.2Ω

  • Coil Design: Push-fit design for easy installation

  • E-Liquid Compatibility: Freebase and Nic-salt e-liquids