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Zingberry 100ml E-liquid

Zingberry 100ml E-liquid

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Unleash the Iconic Blend of Flavours with Kingston Zingberry E-Liquid

Revel in the phenomenal fusion of flavours with the alluring Kingston Zingberry E-Liquid. As one of the most popular flavours from the distinguished Kingston Zingberry range, this e-liquid boasts a unique blend of sweet blueberries, mixed fruits, and a cool menthol blast. What's the secret? It's our secret recipe that sets this e-liquid apart, promising an all-day vape experience that's second to none.

This UK-crafted liquid is nicotine-free, and for those desiring a nicotine kick, it comes with free nic shots. When it comes to e-liquids, Kingston Grape Zingberry is the gold standard, delivering a taste sensation that keeps your taste buds wanting more. The 70VG/30PG blend ensures a smooth vape with an enticing cloud display.

With its fantastic flavour profile, great price, and superior quality, it's no wonder that Kingston Zingberry 100ml is a favourite among vapers. The 120ml bottle of this grape zingberry variant ensures you won't quickly run out of your favourite vape juice.

This tantalising mix, our Kingston Zingberry, is loved by many for its best flavour delivery and outstanding value for money. It’s not just an e-liquid; it's an experience that keeps you coming back for more.

FAQ Section

Q1: What flavours are in the Kingston Zingberry e-liquid? Answer: The Kingston Zingberry e-liquid features a unique blend of sweet blueberries, mixed fruits, and a refreshing cool menthol blast.

Q2: Is nicotine included in the Kingston Zingberry e-liquid? Answer: No, the e-liquid is nicotine-free. However, we provide free nic shots for those who desire a nicotine kick.

Q3: How much e-liquid does a bottle contain? Answer: Each bottle comes with 100ml of e-liquid, which makes 120ml with a 3mg nicotine strength addition.

Q4: Where is the Kingston Zingberry e-liquid made? Answer: The Kingston Zingberry e-liquid is proudly crafted in the UK.

Q5: Can I vape this all day? Answer: Absolutely! Kingston Zingberry e-liquid offers a balanced, satisfying vape that's perfect for an all-day vape experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Origin: Made in the UK

  • E-Liquid Volume: 100ml (makes 120ml with 3mg nicotine strength addition)

  • Blend: 70VG/30PG

  • Nicotine: Nicotine-free

  • Flavours: Blueberry, Menthol, and a hint of Aniseed

  • Bottle: Comes in a single 120ml bottle