What is Shortfill Vape?

A "shortfill" is essentially a bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid, which is not filled to the full capacity of the bottle it's sold in. This leaves some space for you to add a nicotine "shot" if you want to. The concept originated as a workaround to TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) regulations in the EU and UK, which restricted the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine to 10ml bottles.

Here's how shortfills work based on my own experiences and what I've seen with customers:

  1. Nicotine-Free Base Liquid: Shortfills are typically available in larger bottles containing nicotine-free vape juice. The popular sizes are 50ml in a 60ml bottle or 100ml in a 120ml bottle, leaving enough space to add nicotine if desired.

  2. Add Nicotine Shot: If you want nicotine, you can buy a separate 10ml "nic shot" containing concentrated nicotine. The idea is to add this to the shortfill bottle, thereby customising the nicotine strength of your e-liquid.

  3. Mix and Shake: After adding the nicotine shot(s), you'll need to give the bottle a good shake to ensure the nicotine is evenly distributed.

  4. Why It's Popular: Shortfills are popular because they allow you to buy your e-liquid in larger quantities, which can be more economical. They also give you the freedom to adjust the nicotine level to your personal preference.

  5. VG/PG Ratios: Shortfills usually come in various VG/PG ratios, the most common being 70VG/30PG, which offers a balanced vape experience with good cloud production and flavour retention.

At Selby Vapes, we offer a range of shortfills, including our UK-crafted 100ml bottles with a 70VG/30PG blend, ideal for vapers looking for both flavour and clouds. Given the flexibility and cost-effectiveness, shortfills are a popular choice among our customers, particularly those who have specific preferences when it comes to nicotine strength and flavour.