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Oxva Xlim Replacement pods V2 and V3

Oxva Xlim Replacement pods V2 and V3

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Discover the Ultimate Vaping Experience with OXVA Xlim Replacement Pods

Unmatched Versatility with OXVA Xlim V2 and V3 Pods

Embark on a superior vaping journey with the OXVA Xlim V2 and V3 replacement pods, now available in 3 pack options. Engineered for compatibility with the OXVA Xlim series, including the OXVA Xlim, OXVA Xlim SE, and OXVA Xlim Pro pod kits, these pods are your gateway to a custom vaping experience. With a variety of coil resistance options and a top-fill design, these pods ensure your vaping sessions are filled with intense flavour and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the OXVA Xlim, OXVA Xlim SE, OXVA Xlim Pro, and the new Xlim SQ. Also compatible with the Dovpo Ayce Pro.
  • Coil Options: Choose from 0.4ohm, 0.6ohm, 0.8ohm, and 1.2ohm coil resistances to tailor your vaping experience.
  • E-Liquid Versatility: Ideal for high PG e-liquids, nic salts, and 50/50 VG/PG blends, providing a satisfying MTL vaping experience.
  • Design Excellence: Top-fill mechanism for easy refills and fixed mesh coils for consistent flavour and vapour production.
  • Pod Longevity: Durable construction ensures an extended period of enjoyment with proper care.

Experience the Difference

The OXVA Xlim replacement pods set the standard for quality and performance. The V2's easy refill system and the V3's innovative top side fill design eliminate mess, allowing for a hassle-free experience. Mesh coils across both models guarantee even heating and exceptional flavour delivery. This includes the new OXVA Xlim V3 and Xlim SQ lines.

Why Choose OXVA Xlim Pods?

  • No Mess, No Fuss: Enjoy the convenience of fixed mesh coils and top-fill designs.
  • Tailored Vaping: Multiple coil resistances offer a customised experience.
  • Extended Use: Quality materials and construction mean more vaping and less replacing.
  • Flavour Maximisation: Designed to unlock the full potential of your favourite e-liquids.


  • Capacity: 2ml Refillable Pod
  • Filling System: Bottom Side Fill (V2) / Top Side Fill (V3)
  • Connection: Magnetic
  • Mouthpiece: Bacteriostatic
  • Price: Per single pod or purchase in a 3 pack for savings.

Next Day Delivery and Nationwide Service

Order by 3pm on weekdays or 11am on Saturday for next day delivery across mainland UK with Royal Mail. Enjoy the convenience of fast, reliable shipping and get back to what you love sooner.

Transform Your Vaping Experience

The OXVA Xlim V2 and V3 pods are not just replacements; they're upgrades to your vaping lifestyle. With their superb compatibility, design innovations, and coil variety, they offer an unparalleled experience. Make the switch today and discover your perfect vape with OXVA Xlim pods.