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IVG 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid Neon Lime

IVG 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid Neon Lime

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IVG Neon Lime: Electrify Your Taste Buds with Zesty Citrus

Discover IVG's Neon Lime, a vibrant 50ml shortfill e-liquid that's perfect for those seeking a zesty, refreshing vape experience. This exhilarating 70/30 e-liquid blend showcases a lively fusion of zingy lemons, tangy limes, and a subtle hint of icy freshness, creating a delightful citrus harmony that dances on your palate. IVG's signature cooling effect adds an invigorating twist, making Neon Lime a must-have for vapers craving a bright, crisp, and energising taste sensation. Ignite your senses with IVG's Neon Lime e-liquid and enjoy a burst of citrus splendour.

Product Specifications:

  • E-liquid volume: 50ml
  • VG/PG ratio: 70/30
  • Bottle type: Shortfill
  • Brand: IVG E-Liquid
  • Flavour: Neon Lime
  • Ingredients: Lemons, Limes, Cooling Agent
  • Made in the United Kingdom