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Watermelon ElfLiq nic salts By Elf Bar

Watermelon ElfLiq nic salts By Elf Bar

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Juicy Refreshment: Watermelon Elfliq

Watermelon Elfliq is a vibrant nic salt e-liquid that brings the juicy, sweet, and refreshing taste of watermelon straight to your vape. Each draw is a burst of bold watermelon flavour, capturing the essence of this beloved summer fruit from inhale to exhale. With a 50% VG concentration, it's designed for those who enjoy a discreet amount of vapour and prefer MTL vaping.

Why Watermelon Elfliq is a Must-Try:

  • 10ml Salt Nicotine E-Liquid: Perfectly sized for on-the-go vaping, ensuring you can enjoy the taste of summer wherever you are.
  • Varied Nicotine Strengths: Available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg to provide quick nicotine absorption and a smooth throat hit.
  • Optimised for MTL Vaping: Its VG/PG ratio is ideal for MTL kits, offering a more cigarette-like inhale with rich flavour delivery.
  • Safety and Quality: TPD compliant, featuring a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal, all in recyclable packaging.
  • Renowned Creators: Produced by Elf Bar, leaders in the vaping industry, known for their high-quality flavours and innovative products.

Special Offer: Dive into Diverse Flavours

Explore the refreshing taste of Watermelon Elfliq and expand your vaping palette with our exclusive 3 for £10 deal. It’s an excellent opportunity to sample a range of e-liquids, each with its unique character and appeal.

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Selby Vapes is committed to delivering exceptional vaping experiences, offering free UK postage on orders over £30 and same-day local delivery in Selby, Goole, Sherburn, and surrounding areas. Let Watermelon Elfliq refresh your day with its juicy and bold flavour.