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Vaporesso GTX Mesh Coil

Vaporesso GTX Mesh Coil

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Embrace Flexibility with Vaporesso GTX Coils at Selby Vapes

Selby Vapes proudly introduces the versatile Vaporesso GTX Coils, designed to meet the diverse needs of the vaping community. Whether you're exploring mouth to lung (MTL), restricted direct to lung (RDTL), or direct to lung (DTL) vaping, these cross-compatible replacement coils ensure your device performs at its peak, adapting to your changing preferences.

Innovative Mesh Builds for Enhanced Experience:

Each GTX coil incorporates a mesh build, heating e-liquid faster for a significant boost in flavour. This design guarantees an even, satisfying vape with every puff, making every session memorable.

Optimal E-Liquid Compatibility:

  • For Coils 1.0 Ohm and Above: Best paired with 50/50 or high PG e-liquids, ideal for MTL vaping enthusiasts.
  • For Coils Below 1.0 Ohm: Suited for high VG e-liquids (70% VG and above), perfect for those who crave denser vapour production in their DTL or RDTL sessions.

Broad Compatibility Across Vaporesso Range:

GTX coils are universally compatible with a wide selection of Vaporesso kits, including but not limited to:

  • Luxe X, Luxe XR, Luxe XR Max, and Gen PT80 S
  • Offered in resistances of 0.2 Ohm, 0.3 Ohm, 0.4 Ohm, 0.6 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm, and 1.2 Ohm
  • Power ranges vary to suit each coil, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction

Sub Ohm Vaping Advisory:

Vaporesso GTX coils cater to sub ohm vaping, recommended for advanced vapers. These coils demand more power for proper use, best supported by advanced vape kits. For sub-ohm coils, choose e-liquids with 60% VG or higher; for the 1.2 Ohm coil, a 50% VG or lower e-liquid is advisable, ensuring a balance between flavour and vapour production without exceeding a 6mg nicotine strength.

Why Choose Selby Vapes for Your Vaporesso GTX Coils?

Selby Vapes is your go-to source for high-quality Vaporesso products, offering a vast selection to cater to every vaping preference. Enjoy free UK postage on orders over £30 and take advantage of our same-day local delivery service in Selby, Goole, Sherburn, and surrounding areas. With the Vaporesso GTX Coils, you're not just choosing a product; you're embracing a versatile, satisfying vaping journey. Visit us today and transform your vape experience with the power of GTX Coils.