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Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt Nic Salt E-liquid

Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt Nic Salt E-liquid

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Indulge in the Classic Elegance of Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid

Embrace the Timeless Sophistication of Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt

Step into a world where the rich earthiness of tobacco seamlessly intertwines with the subtle sweetness of vanilla, presenting a vaping experience that's both refined and deeply satisfying. Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid by Re-Salt is not merely an e-liquid; it's an homage to the art of flavour craftsmanship. Each puff envelops you in the luxurious blend of smooth vanilla and robust tobacco, creating an oasis of bliss in your day.

  • Masterful Blend of Flavours: Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt is a testament to the harmony of contrasting tastes, blending the robust essence of tobacco with the creamy sweetness of vanilla for a vape that's both comforting and invigorating.
  • Precision in Nicotine Strength: Offering the choice of 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt caters to your personal preference, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable throat hit with every draw.
  • Optimised for MTL Vaping: Designed with a 50% VG/50% PG ratio, this e-liquid is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping, delivering a consistent and flavourful experience that's ideal for pod systems and starter kits.

Affordable Indulgence, Uncompromised Quality

With Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt, luxury vaping becomes accessible. Priced at just £10 for any 5 bottles, including this exquisite 10ml offering, you're invited to enjoy premium vaping without the premium price tag. Dive into the rich flavours of Re-Salt, where excellence meets affordability.

Discover the Re-Salt Range: A World of Flavours

Embark on a flavour journey with Re-Salt's diverse collection. Alongside Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt, explore the zesty excitement of Rhubarb Razz Re-Salt, the refreshing clarity of Double Menthol Re-Salt, and the comforting sweetness of Butterscotch Re-Salt. Our '5 for £10' offer allows you to mix and match, finding your perfect flavour profiles in the quest for vaping perfection.

UK Vapers, Your Delight is Our Commitment

At Selby Vapes, we prioritize your vaping pleasure. With free UK delivery on orders over £20, the exquisite taste of Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt and the entire Re-Salt range is within easy reach. Experience the pinnacle of vaping luxury, delivered directly to your door with care and efficiency.

Step Into the Refined World of Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt

Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid stands as a beacon of quality, affordability, and unparalleled flavour. It's an invitation to indulge in a vaping experience that transcends the ordinary, blending tradition with innovation. Order now and discover the perfect balance of earthy tobacco and sweet vanilla that defines Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt.

Product Specifications:

  • Elegant Flavour Composition: A rich harmony of tobacco and vanilla.
  • Tailored Nicotine Options: Available in 10mg and 20mg strengths.
  • MTL Vaping Perfected: A balanced 50/50 VG/PG blend for optimal flavour.
  • Quality Assurance: Made in the UK, adhering to TPD standards.
  • Safety and Integrity: Features a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Comes in a recyclable bottle.

Vanilla Tobacco Re-Salt by Re-Salt is more than an e-liquid; it's a journey to the essence of vaping elegance. Discover the classic sophistication that awaits in every bottle.