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FreeMax Mesh Pro 2 M Replacement Coils

FreeMax Mesh Pro 2 M Replacement Coils

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Freemax M Coils: Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Sub Ohm Precision

Selby Vapes brings you the cutting-edge Freemax M Coils, meticulously crafted for the Freemax MPro 2 vape tank. These coils are the key to unlocking a superior vaping experience, combining innovative mesh technology with sub ohm capabilities for unparalleled vapour and flavour production. Whether you're a cloud chaser or a flavour enthusiast, the Freemax M Coils are designed to exceed your expectations.

Features at a Glance:

  • Designed Specifically for the Freemax MPro 2 Tank
  • Sub Ohm Vaping Compatibility
  • Optimised for High VG E-Liquids
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Builds for Rapid Heat-Up
  • Temperature Control Capability

Innovative Mesh and Wick Construction:

Utilising stainless steel mesh, the Freemax M Coils ensure a swift ramp-up time across all power levels, allowing you to enjoy your vape without any lag. The organic cotton and tea fibre wick not only prolong the lifespan of each coil but also accentuate the taste of your e-liquid, offering a purer, more intense flavour profile.

Recommended VG Range and Nicotine Strength:

For an optimal vaping experience, we suggest pairing these coils with e-liquids that have a 70% VG concentration or higher. This ensures smooth, thick clouds with every puff. To maintain comfort and satisfaction, we recommend using e-liquids with no more than a 6mg nicotine strength due to the increased vapour production.

Coil Variants for Every Vaper:

  • Freemax M1 Coil: 0.15 Ohm, single mesh, best at 40 - 70W
  • Freemax M2 Coil: 0.2 Ohm, dual mesh, supports 60 - 90W
  • Freemax M3 Coil: 0.15 Ohm, triple mesh, ideal for 80 - 110W
  • Freemax M4 Coil: 0.15 Ohm, quad mesh, for use between 70 - 110W

Sub Ohm Vaping Advisory:

Freemax M Coils are designed for sub ohm vaping and are best suited for experienced vapers. These coils demand a more powerful vape kit to function correctly and produce larger amounts of vapour. Please ensure your device and e-liquids are compatible with sub ohm coils for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

Your Vaping Journey Elevated at Selby Vapes:

Step into the world of enhanced cloud production and exquisite flavour with the Freemax M Coils, available now at Selby Vapes. Enjoy free UK postage on orders over £30 and take advantage of our same-day local delivery in Selby, Goole, Sherburn, and the surrounding areas. Transform your vape into a sublime experience with Selby Vapes today.