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Double Menthol Nic Salt E-liquid by Re-Salt

Double Menthol Nic Salt E-liquid by Re-Salt

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Dive into the Refreshing Chill of Double Menthol Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid

Embrace the Frosty Elegance of Double Menthol Re-Salt

Venture into a realm where the crisp embrace of menthol invigorates the senses, presenting Double Menthol Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid by Re-Salt as your guide to a refreshingly icy world. For those seeking a profound menthol experience without compromise, Double Menthol Re-Salt stands as a testament to purity and intensity. This e-liquid is not merely a choice but a journey into the exhilarating chill of winter's breath, encapsulated in a 10ml bottle of pure, undiluted pleasure.

  • Intense Menthol Sensation: Double Menthol Re-Salt delivers a double dose of menthol freshness, offering a vaping experience reminiscent of the first frost of winter. It's a bold, clean hit that cools to the core, designed for menthol aficionados.
  • Precision-Crafted Nicotine Strengths: Tailored to meet the desires of every vaper, Double Menthol Re-Salt is available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. Coupled with salt nicotine for a smoother throat hit, it caters to both your craving and your quest for a crisp menthol blast.
  • Optimised for MTL Vaping: With a balanced 50% VG/50% PG ratio, this e-liquid shines in mouth-to-lung devices, ensuring a smooth, flavourful vape that emphasizes the menthol's piercing clarity.

Explore a World of Flavours with Re-Salt

Step beyond the icy realms of Double Menthol Re-Salt to discover the diverse spectrum of Re-Salt e-liquids. Our '5 for £10' offer invites you to blend the frosty touch of Double Menthol with the warmth of Butterscotch Re-Salt, the tropical breeze of Pineapple Ice Re-Salt, and the soothing refreshment of Peach Ice Tea Re-Salt. Each flavour, crafted with precision, awaits to complement your vaping journey with variety and depth.

Your Vaping Satisfaction, Our Commitment

At Selby Vapes, we're dedicated to delivering excellence with every bottle. Enjoy complimentary UK delivery on orders over £30 and discover the convenience of next-day delivery options. Double Menthol Re-Salt, along with the rich array of Re-Salt flavours, promises to reach your doorstep with speed, security, and superior service.

Join the Chilled Odyssey with Double Menthol Re-Salt

Double Menthol Re-Salt Nic Salt E-Liquid transcends the ordinary, offering a cooling escape that's both invigorating and satisfying. Crafted in the UK with meticulous attention to detail, this e-liquid blends the best of menthol purity with the smoothness of salt nicotine, ensuring a vaping experience that's unmatched in freshness and intensity.

Begin Your Frosty Adventure Today

The search for the ultimate menthol sensation culminates with Double Menthol Re-Salt. Order now to embrace the chilling embrace of menthol, and let every vape be a testament to the sheer, unbridled joy of menthol at its most intense.

Product Insights:

  • Frosty Flavour Profile: An unrivalled double menthol experience.
  • Nicotine Varieties: Available in 10mg and 20mg for customized vaping pleasure.
  • MTL Vaping Perfected: A 50/50 VG/PG blend for optimal performance in MTL setups.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Proudly made in the UK, adhering to TPD standards.
  • Safety and Assurance: Comes with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Housed in a recyclable bottle, for environmentally aware vaping.

With Selby Vapes, immerse yourself in the cooling splendour of Double Menthol Re-Salt and redefine your vaping experience with a crisp, mentholated journey that lingers long after the vape is over.