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Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Bar Juice 5000

Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Bar Juice 5000

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Discover the Enchanting Blend of Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Nic Salt E-Liquid by Bar Juice 5000

Dive into a symphony of flavours with Bar Juice 5000 Strawberry Cherry Raspberry nic salt e-liquid A meticulously crafted concoction that marries the essence of sweet strawberries, the deep, indulgent taste of dark cherries, and the zesty kick of tangy raspberries. This e-liquid is your ticket to a juicy-tasting adventure that tantalises your taste buds and leaves a lingering delight.

Bar Juice 5000 nic salt e-liquids are meticulously crafted to emulate the best-selling flavours found in popular disposable vapes. Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Bar Juice 5000 captures the essence of fruity favourites, a combination of ripe juicy strawberry with mouth-watering cherry and tangy raspberry in a delightful salt nicotine blend. Each bottle contains 10ml of high-quality e-liquid, perfect for use in starter vape kits and pod vape kits. Bar Juice 5000 e-liquids are committed to delivering quality e-liquids that perfectly replicate the beloved tastes of disposable vapes, providing a consistent and satisfying experience with every puff.

Why Choose Strawberry Cherry Raspberry Nic Salt?

  • 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquid: Perfectly sized for on-the-go vaping and ensuring your flavourful escape is always within reach.
  • 40% VG / 60% PG: A balanced blend that offers a discreet vapour production without compromising on the rich flavours.
  • Optimised for MTL Vaping: Experience the full-bodied flavour and smooth throat hit with your favourite mouth-to-lung devices and pod kits.
  • Quick Nicotine Satisfaction: Nicotine salt e-liquids for a faster absorption, meeting your cravings with efficiency.
  • Safety and Quality Assured: Comes with a tamper-evident seal, childproof cap, and in a recyclable bottle, highlighting our commitment to quality and safety.
  • Choose Your Strength: Available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.

For the Connoisseur of Vape

Expertly blended to satisfy the discerning tastes of vapers, our Strawberry Cherry Raspberry e-liquid combines three classic red berry flavours into one exquisite vape juice. This e-liquid is crafted for those who enjoy the nuances of a sweet strawberry base accentuated by a tangy cherry and a bit of sour raspberry. It's an invigorating yet comforting combination that delights with every inhale and soothes with every exhale.

Ideal for use in starter kits and pod vapes, this nic salt e-liquid comes in a convenient 10ml bottle, available in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths. It's perfect for mouth to lung vaping, providing a smooth throat hit that satisfies your nicotine craving without being overpowering. Our commitment to delivering quality e-liquids that are kinder to the environment is evident in every drop.

Whether you're using vape pens, or a more robust vape kit, this juice offers a medley of flavours that tastes exactly as nature intended—juicy, a bit sweet, and endlessly enjoyable. Dive into the world of Elf Bar compatible juices or enhance your experience with our ice nic salt versions for an additional refreshing kick.

Special Offer: 3 for £10

Elevate your vaping experience with our special offer – mix and match any three flavours for just £10! This is your chance to explore our exquisite range without limits. Indulge in the Strawberry Cherry Raspberry today and let your taste adventure begin.

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Experience a vaping delight that's unmatched, with our Strawberry Cherry Raspberry nic salt e-liquid. Savour the rich tapestry of flavours and enjoy the perfect vape every time. At Selby Vapes, we're not just about selling products; we're about creating experiences that connect with your senses and emotions. Enjoy free UK postage on orders over £30 and take advantage of our same-day delivery service in Selby and surrounding areas. Begin your flavour journey with us today.