nic salts on shelf in vape shop

Where to Buy Nic Salts

nic salts on shelves in vape shop

Imagine standing at a crossroads: one path leads to a subpar vaping experience, while the other promises a journey through the rich tapestry of flavours and satisfaction that only the best nic salts can provide. You're here because you've chosen the latter, and the decision is about to pay off. Nic salts have revolutionized the vaping world with their ability to deliver nicotine more efficiently and with less harshness than traditional e-juices, making them an ideal choice for former smokers and vaping enthusiasts alike. With this guide, you'll explore trusted vendors, learn how to discern quality products, and understand what makes a nic salt stand out from the crowd. The next step is yours: will you settle for the mundane, or are you ready to unlock the full potential of your vaping experience?

Choosing the Right Strength

Understanding the appeal of nic salts and their smooth delivery, it's important to consider the right strength for your needs to ensure an optimal vaping experience. Nic salts are a form of nicotine that provides a quicker and more satisfying nicotine hit than traditional vape juice, making them ideal if you're transitioning from smoking to vaping.

When you're figuring out how to use nic salts, you need to choose the right nicotine strength. Nic salts come in various strengths, typically ranging from 10mg to 20mg. The higher nicotine levels are why nic salts are so high in nicotine and why they're better for those who need a stronger nicotine hit without the harsh throat sensation.

The best vape for nic salts usually involves low power devices and high-resistance coils. What ohm coil for nic salts? Typically, coils above 1.0 ohm are suitable. And what wattage for nic salts? Keeping it between 12W and 35W should give you the best experience.

Purchasing Nic Salts Online

Shopping for nic salts online offers you the convenience of browsing a vast selection from the comfort of your home. Always buy from reputable sellers such as and avoid market place sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

 You might wonder, "what are nic salts?" They're a form of nicotine found naturally in tobacco leaves, providing a smoother experience at higher nicotine strengths. That's why nic salts are better for many vapers, especially if you're transitioning from smoking and need that higher nicotine without a harsh throat hit.

When you're figuring out how to mix nic salts with regular juice, remember the main difference between vape juice and nic salts is the nicotine form and the smoothness of the hit. Nic salts are generally used with lower wattage devices; what wattage for nic salts you ask? Typically between 12W to 35W. And if you're curious about what ohm coil for nic salts, opt for higher resistance coils, usually above 1.0 ohms, for the best experience.


You've got the know-how on nic salts now, and with a world of flavours at your fingertips, it's time to pick your perfect match. Remember, the right strength is key to satisfaction. Hop online, where endless options await, and with free delivery over £30, plus cashback from that Rewards Club, you're all set. Get your vape on with the convenience and variety of buying nic salts online. Ready, set, vape!

Where can I buy nic salts?

You can buy nic salts from various vape shops, online retailers, or directly from manufacturers. Make sure to check for quality and authenticity when making a purchase.

What are nic salts and how are they better than freebase nicotine?

Nic salts, or nicotine salts, are a type of e-liquid that contains nicotine in its natural salt form, offering a smoother vaping experience compared to freebase nicotine. They are known for providing higher nicotine delivery and are less harsh on the throat, making them ideal for vapers looking for higher nicotine levels without the throat hit.

What is the strength of nic salts available and how do I choose the right one?

Nic salts are commonly available in strengths ranging from 10mg to 20mg, with some brands offering higher strengths. When choosing the right strength, consider your nicotine cravings and tolerance. It's recommended to start with a lower strength if you are new to vaping or if you are sensitive to nicotine.

Can I use nic salts in any vape kit?

While most vape kits are compatible with nic salts, it's important to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure compatibility. Devices specifically designed for nic salts, such as pod systems or mouth-to-lung vape kits, are often recommended for the best experience.

What are the popular flavours available in nic salt e-liquids?

Nic salt e-liquids come in a wide range of flavours, including fruit flavours like raspberry and lemonade, as well as menthol, tobacco, and dessert flavours. There are also various unique blends and combinations to suit different preferences.

Do nic salts work the same way as traditional freebase nicotine?

Nic salts deliver nicotine in a more efficient manner compared to traditional freebase nicotine. The presence of benzoic acid in nic salts allows for smoother inhalation and faster nicotine absorption, resulting in a quicker satisfaction of nicotine cravings.

Are there any specific factors associated with the use of nic salts?

When using nic salts, it's important to be mindful of the higher nicotine content and its potential effects. It's recommended to vape nic salts responsibly and avoid excessive consumption, especially for individuals who are not accustomed to high nicotine levels.

What are the advantages of purchasing elf bar nic salts?

Elf bar nic salts are known for their high-quality ingredients and a wide range of flavours. They offer a convenient and satisfying vaping experience, with options for different nicotine strengths to cater to individual preferences.

Can I buy nic salts with free UK delivery?

Many online retailers and vape shops offer free UK delivery for nic salts, especially for orders above a certain value. It's advisable to check the delivery options and terms before making a purchase.

How are nic salts different from salt e-liquids, and which one is better?

Nic salts and salt e-liquids are often used interchangeably, but there can be differences in their formulations and nicotine delivery. It's essential to find the option that suits your vaping style and preferences. Some vapers may prefer the smoother throat hit of nic salts, while others may enjoy the intense nicotine satisfaction provided by salt e-liquids.

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